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    Abstract: The space weather is gaining its importance in modern society, and it is tightly linked to the solar activities in the inner heliosphere. There are two main parts of those activities: the solar wind and the extreme interplanetary coronal mass ejections(ICMEs). Understanding those phenomena is significant for forecasting the space weather, and it is a rather active research area within space physics. In this project, we simulate the propagation of the solar wind and extreme CMEs through the inner heliosphere using the astrophysical fluid dynamics code PLUTO and the Imperial high performance computing system. The code shows the potential for space weather forecast compared to other solar wind simulation models. Then as a case study, we investigate a modern-era extreme event which happened on 23 July 2012 in both hydrodynamics(HD) and magnetohydrodynamics(MHD). The result provides insight into the mechanism behind the formation of the extreme CMEs.

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